FROM RATE MY AGENT: 5 STARS: Real Estate Agent that SELLS!!!

John HAGUE and Tania MAWBEY , 20 Jan 2020

Contact Ron Davey when you require a highly effecient real estate agent.

Presentation is paramount, from photography that catches one's eye on "" through to presenting the home to WOW status.

...and if that wasn't good enough, one can sight Ron mowing and edging the lawns, sweeping and cleaning the pool and vacuuming your home if it is in need of it. Perfect lawns, a sparkling pool and a dustless home all helps with that WOW factor.

How about Ron's ability to deal with people?  FANTASTIC : 100% enthusiastic. A great communicator.

Attitude: 100% Professional and is pleasantly tenacious. Ron is great in guiding the Buyer and communicating with the Seller.

Negotiating Skills: 110% Ron knows how far to push it

Reliability:  100%

Ron is a genuine action man. He has many years of experience in the industry. He has great contacts and he is fantastic at seeking out real buyers.

Ron is passionate about real estate. He loves what he does and does it so well!

Ethics: Ron plays it with a straight bat. You are not going to hear any of those stories once listed. Ron just applies himself 100% and gets on with it and sells it.

Sold in an instant.

Many Thanks Ron - and yes, whether I'm Selling or Buying I will utilise your services whenever and whereever possible.

****REVIEW submitted by JOHN HAGUE ( Vendor ) on 20 Jan 2020.